Southbank-IT Solutions Ltd

Company Description

Since 1994 Southbank-IT has been focussing on London businesses but have recently decided to take the leap and expand their expertise to the Birmingham area to enhance their remote access tools to support more businesses. Southbank-IT is part of an umbrella group, FT Technology Group; which currently holds 4 companies: Southbank-IT Solutions, Unilink, Prison Technology Services and Acante. 

Francis Toye, Director of Southbank-IT Solutions left Birmingham is the early eighties to start up his company in London. He commeted "I am delighted to be coming back to Birmingham with the opening of our new office. We are hoping that the team here will expand to become our central help desk for all our UK customers. Aston Thames is our Manager for the Help desk Team and I am sure he will succeed in growing the business through helping other organistations to expand their use of technology."

Southbank-IT Solutions Ltd

Contact Details

Southbank-IT Solutions Ltd
Bradford Court Business Centre
Unit - Suite 306A
B12 0NS

Mr..Francis Toye
T: 020 7036 3806



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