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Business Hub Services differ from other brokers due to their personal, no jargon approach. Working directly with over 90 suppliers they provide a ‘free health audit’ across a company’s major monthly outgoings, in order to free up cash to be spent elsewhere in their business; focusing on merchant services and utilities. With minimal overheads and a customer service lead approach, they are confident in being able to add value to any business, even if it is just friendly advice.

Damian Curran, Director at Business Hub Services commented about his move to the modern business centre, “I have worked in private banking for over 15 years, and during the pandemic decided to set up ‘Business Hub Services’ to utilise my expertise and assist other companies in streamlining their outgoings. I chose The Beehive Business Centre as my base, having been impressed with the area, the facilities and most importantly the price. The Centre is conveniently located making it easy to travel to and from the office.”

For more details on the Business Hub Services you can visit their website at: https://businesshubservices.org 

Business Hub Services

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Business Hub Services
The Beehive
Unit - Suite 15b

Mr..Damian Curran



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